The product

Rhumart® is a self-therapy system that induces natural impulses very similar to those of the nervous system. It is a unique product that has been beneficial to about a million people since 1980.

This physiological therapy helps people regain better health, when other methods fail. It is used to prevent and control acute and chronic health problems and to help users of any age regain a better quality of life.

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The philosophy

Every human body is different and infinitely complex. Numerous health problems get out of control because they are not well understood. When these problems persist and become “chronic conditions” and are treated only symptomatically, people start looking for solutions themselves.

For more than 25 years, Self-Health has been at the heart of our philosophy.

The Rhumart approach helps people realize their own potential for regaining health.


We know from experience that Rhumart can help control numerous health problems, including arthritis, ulcers, chronic pain, stress, fractures, injuries, wounds, burns, osteoarthritis, poor circulation, skin problems, back pain, high blood pressure, and chronic inflammation.

This website offers you access to a wealth of information (scientific articles, user testimonials, professional opinions, etc.) so that you can realize the full potential of the Rhumart system to help control most health conditions.

For many years, we have been accumulating knowledge about how people and clinicians use the Rhumart system to overcome different health problems. Their testimonials are made available to you in the spirit of knowledge sharing for the benefit of all.

Discover the great potential of your body, the Rhumart Bioelectric Regenerator, and our unique Self-Health philosophy.