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Video 6A, t6

J. Charlebois - MD, Duration: 2 min
Bursitis, Consultation, Eye, For Anything At Anytime, J. Charlebois - MD, Mini-4A Applicator, Non-conventionnal Treatment, Ophtalmologist, Optometrist, Pain, Rhumart Distributor

Video ET2, t5

B. Reeves, DVM, Duration: 3 min
Brian Reeves - DVM, Cat, Cat-fight, Cats, Healing, Infected, Old Cat, Relaxation, System Falls Appart, Traditionnal Veterinary Medicine, Veterinerian, Wounds

Video ET2, t6

Dr. R.A. Drolet. Ph.D., Duration: 4 min
Adjusting The Parameters, Animals, Cats, Dr Roland A. Drolet - Ph.D., Epileptic Cat, Epileptic Crisis, Magnetic Field, Placebo Effect, Professionnal System, Veterinarian

Video ET2, t8

M. Vaillancourt, Duration: 2 min
Arteries, Benefits, Crisis, Heart Problems, Nitroglycerin, Strength, Triple Bypass

Video ET3, t5

L. Plante, Duration: 7 min
Accident, Anti-inflammatory, Back, Buying The System, Ear, Earing Apparatus, Hump In The Back, Inflammation, L. Plante, Learn How To Use It, Live With Pain, Massage, More Pain, Neck, Necrosis, Old Age, Pain, Pain Receeds, Parameters, Regeneration Of The Tissues, Sample, Shoulders, Sore, Takes The Pain Away, Trapeses, Trauma, Varicose Ulcers, Weeplash, Wounds

Video R6 (pt 1/2)

Introduction Video, Duration: 6 min
Historical, Rhumart Invention, Video Introduction Part 1, Video Introduction Rhumart

Video R6 (pt 2/2)

Introduction Video, Duration: 5 min
Historical, Rhumart Invention, Video Introduction Part 2, Video Introduction Rhumart

Video T1, t8

Hélène Dufour, Duration: 4 min
Bone Deformation, Bursitis, Cysts, Shingles: Eye, Sniffing, Tendinitis, Tumor: Spinal Cord, Vision

Video T10, t2

Jeannine Constantin, Duration: 4 min
Callosities, Circulation (hands), Insensibility (fingers), Nails, Psoriasis, Raynaud's Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sciatic, Sciatic Nerve

Video T10, t3

Michel Lajeunesse, Duration: 4 min
Anti-inflammatory Drugs, Deafness, Death Bed, Edema, Edema (Oedema), Energy Loss, Inflammation, Internal Hemorhage, Lucidity, Operation

Video T10, t4

Lisette Bertrand, Duration: 3 min
Health Investment, Herniated Disc (operated), Legs, Pain: Back, Skepticism

Video T10, t5

Marcel Derenne, Duration: 2 min
A Way Of Life, Anti-inflammatory Drugs, Chronic Sinusitis, RHUMART, RHUMART Potential, RHUMART's Possibilities, Shingles: Eye, Shoulder (dislocation)

Video T10, t6

Florian Bernier, Duration: 2 min
Calf, Scoliosis, Shocks (spine), Shoulder, Stomac

Video T10, t7

Roland Rancourt, Duration: 3 min
Bladder Stone, Nephritic Calculus

Video T11, t8

Noël Desjardins, Duration: 5 min
Arthritis, Fibromyositis, Fibromyositis (Fibromyalgia), Herniated Disc, Paralysis (epidural), Rheumatism, Service

Video T11, t9

Bernadette Blais, Duration: 3 min
Arthritis, Cramps (legs), Discouragement, Headaches, Heartburn, Heatburn, Inactivity, Insomnia, Stomac (burning Feeling), Stomac (hearburn), Stomac (heartburn), Unable To Walk, Wish To Die

Video T12, t10

Marcel Derenne, Duration: 4 min
Asthma, Family, Osteoarthritis, Patience, Scoliosis, Sinusitis, Ventolin

Video T12, t11

Réjane Labrie, Duration: 4 min
Accident: Broken Spine, Broken Leg, Leukemia, Medication, Tonus, Walk

Video T13, t3

Diane Charlebois, Duration: 2 min

Video T13, t5

Bernadette Blais, Duration: 3 min
Arthritis, Burns (stomac & Thorax), Cramps, Depression, Healthy Old Age, Heartburn, Inactivity, Insomnia, Prosthesis Avoided, Stomac (hearburn), Wish To Die

Video T13, t6

Lise Paradis, Duration: 5 min
Anemia, Antibiotics, Concentration, Energy, Hair Growth, Otitis

Video T16, t2

Hélène Michaud, Duration: 3 min
Arthritis, Broken Arm, Multiple Sclerosis, Numbness

Video T16, t4

Benoït Boivin, Duration: 5 min
Bad Stomac Upset, Gastric Ulcers, Positive Thinking, Shingles

Video T16, t8

Florence Salois, Duration: 3 min
Sprained Foot, Tinnitus

Video T16, t9

Guy O'Malley, Duration: 9 min
Blood Transfusion, Diabetes, Kidney Transplant, Loss Of Balance

Video T17, t1

Maurice Daudelin, Duration: 4 min
Acute Glaucoma, Depression, Disabled Eyes, Shoulder Pain

Video T17, t4

Ludovic Paradis, Duration: 6 min
Diabetes, Eczema, Medication: Side Effects, Paralyzed Legs

Video T19, t5

J. Charlebois - MD, Duration: 3 min
Clients, Efficiency, Health Problems, Help As Many People As Possible, Immune System, New Basis For Physiopathology, Researchers In Medicine, Rethinking Medicine, Revolution In Medicine, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Self-distructive Disease

Video T20, t7

Jean Charlebois, Duration: 8 min
Back Pain, Bursitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Musculoskeletal Problems, Plantar Fasciitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sprains, Tendinitis

Video T20, t8

Pierre Nadon, Duration: 9 min
Plane Accident, Plantar Hyperesthesia, Skin Problem

Video T21, t1

Noël Desjardins, Duration: 3 min
Fibromyositis, Fibromyositis (Fibromyalgia), Herniated Disc, Severe Ostheoarthritis

Video T21, t10

Fernande Guillemette, Duration: 2 min
Cancer, Cancerous Tumor

Video T21, t2

Omer Hamel, Duration: 3 min
Bowel Problem, Gastroenteritis, Osteoarthritis, Prostate

Video T21, t3

Michelle L'Écuyer, Duration: 3 min
Back Problem, Chronic Migraine

Video T22, t6

Rollande Lefrançois, Duration: 4 min
Arthritis, Atherosclerosis, Osteoarthritis

Video T22, t8

Cécile Fecteau, Duration: 11 min
Broken Pelvis, Broken Ribs, Fractures, Hip Plate, Hip Plate And Screw, Left Lung, Metal Hip, Osteoarthritis, Pneumothorax, Rheumatism

Video T23, t6

Rollande Lefrançois, Duration: 7 min
Schizophrenia, Swelling, Swollen And Thick Feet

Video T23, t7

Gertrude Harnois, Duration: 10 min
Bowels, Breast Tumor, Breasts Tumors, Breathing Problems, Cervical Hernia, Circulation, Gingivitis, Hay Fever, Laryngitis, Pharyngitis, Sinusitis

Video T24, t2

Paul-André Routhier, Duration: 5 min
Burn, Chiropractor, Knee Edema, Ligament Laceration, Nephritic Calculus (kidney Stone), Rheumatologist, Sprain, Traumatism

Video T24, t3

Louise Beaudoin, Duration: 3 min
Allergies, Healing, Migraine, Muscle Tonus, Nodules (ovary; Uterus)

Video T24, t7

Claude Bergeron, Duration: 5 min
Analgesic, Bad Circulation, Digestion, Medication, Shingles

Video T25, t3

Ginette Fréchette, Duration: 3 min
Children (family), Cyst, Fibroma, Insomnia, Otitis, Stress

Video T25, t4

André Bureau, Duration: 6 min
Animals (herniated Disc), Clogged Artery, Crohn's Disease, Degenerative Discopathic Arthritis, Diabetes, Foot Surgery, Infact, Low Back Problems, Magnetized Water

Video T25, t6

J. Charlebois - MD, Duration: 7 min
Arthritis, Blocking Of The Neural System, Cause Of The Disease, Causes Of Rheumatism, Cellular Level, Circulation, Degenerative Chronic Diseases, Doctors Deal With Disease, Food, Immune System, J. Charlebois - MD, Living Proofs, Medications, Modern Lifestyle, Pills, Pollution, Questionnaire, Regenerate Tissues, Results, Rheumatism, Rhumartologyst, Scientific Investigation, Secondary Effects, Specialised Rhumart Societies, Specific Treatment, Take Charge Of Your Health, Treat Arthritis And Rheumatism, Trials

Video T26, t2

Pierre Tétreault, Duration: 2 min
Mayo Clinic (USA), Shrinking Of Tissues

Video T26, t5

Jean Charlebois, Duration: 4 min
Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis

Video T26, t6

Diane Charlebois, Duration: 3 min
Bursitis, Plantar Fasciite, Plantar Fasciitis, Tendinitis

Video T26, t7

Adélard Racine, Duration: 3 min
Arthritis, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

Video T28, t4

Suzanne Arel, Duration: 4 min
Abdominal Pain, Asthma, Depression, Duodenitis, Energy, Insomnia

Video T28, t5

Guy O'Malley, Duration: 9 min
Blood Transfusion, Diabetes, Health Is Priceless, Kidney Transplant, Unable To Walk

Video T3, t10

Rémi Dumont, Duration: 4 min
Convert Pain Into Smile, Pain: Back, RHUMART Self-therapy, Tachycardia, To Own RHUMART System

Video T30, t5

Jacques Guilbault, Duration: 9 min
Anti-inflammatory Drugs, Car Accident, Cervical Problem, Heartburns, No Reflex (arm & Legs)

Video T31, t5

Marie-Paule Dion, Duration: 2 min
Arthritis, Rheumatism, Sore Throat

Video T31, t6

France Mathieu, Duration: 4 min
Cerebrovascular Accident, Heart Attack, Migraines, Ovarian Cyst, Paralysis

Video T31, t7

Jacques Matte, Duration: 11 min

Video T32, t4

Martin Couture, Duration: 2 min
Anemia, Crohn's Disease, Heartburns, Hip Cartilage, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, Pericarditis

Video T4, t11

Soeur Laura Dion, Duration: 7 min
Phlebitis, Salmonella, Varicose Wounds

Video T4, t3

Monique Aubut, Duration: 2 min
Blood Circulation, Breast Tumor, Breasts Tumors, Crohn's Disease, Phlebitis

Video T4, t6

Guyanne Plourde, Duration: 4 min
Angina, Blood Circulation, Cysts, Diabetic Coma, Ganglions, Hair Growth, Insulin, Plantar Warts

Video T5, t2

Jacques Lajeunesse, Duration: 2 min
Auto Accident

Video T5, t5

Noël Duchesne, Duration: 7 min
Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis

Video T8, t5

Monique Aubut, Duration: 7 min
Aspirin, Breast Tumor, Career, Epilepsy, Heart Rate, Juvenile Arthritis, Newborn Baby, Surgery Avoided, Thrombophlebitis

Video T8, t6

France Mathieu, Duration: 6 min
Acne, Anti-inflammatory, Back Pain, Burn, Energy, Family, Firmed Up Breasts

Video TS2, t3

Pierre Tétreault, Duration: 2 min
Imminent Death, Mayo Clinic (USA), Morphine, Muscular Disease, Shrinkin Of Tendons & Nerves In The Heart, Shrinking Of Tendons & Nerves In The Heart

Video TS3, t8

Lionel Vallières, Duration: 4 min
Sensitivity, Skin Graft