The Rhumart approach is a breakthrough in the self management of numerous health problems including: arthritis, ulcers, chronic pain, stress, fractures, injuries, wounds, burns, osteoarthritis, poor circulation, skin problems, back pain, high blood pressure, chronic inflammation, many types of cancer, and rare diseases.

The physiological effects induced by the Rhumart system also contribute to a general sense of well-being, thus helping people afflicted with just about any health condition. It is used to help manage and prevent various injuries, infections, and chronic diseases. You will find more details about the applications in the video and document libraries.

Rhumart personnel and mentors do not make any medical diagnoses or prescribe any specific treatments. We only suggest the best conditioning parameters based on our personnal experience and that of other users who have graciously shared their results with us. We do not promise to cure anything, but we know from experience that it helps people regain health naturally, through its basic physiological effects.

We recommend following up with your medical doctor to monitor the progress of your health problems and insist on the importance of consulting a physician in case of emergency.